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About Vestnik

 VESTNIK has been published since 2010. The experience of project implementation has shown that the interest to licensing in Russia has been growing day after day. The obviously increasing demand for information about the market of licensed products induced the project founders to initiate improvements of the concept of the edition and modernization of the technical base. According to a newly articulated approach, the principle of compiling portfolio of materials of the edition has been changed; the subject headings list has been amended and essentially extended. Also, a new layout of the website has been created that corresponds to all requirements of user friendliness and data submission for a b2b edition.

VESTNIK of the Licensing Market is an informative and analytical portal registered as a mass communication medium. It offers up-to-date information about the licensing market.

The portal publishes relevant information on events, tendencies and trends in the sphere of licensing, best practices of brands promotion and ways of generating profit from operations with licensed products. It monitors news of Russian and Ukrainian licensing markets, as well as the markets of America and European countries, it quotes opinions of the leading Russian and world experts in the industry. The portal allows all its subscribers to form their own opinions about the licensing market and choose an appropriate strategy for developing their business.

VESTNIK’s Target Audience embraces all participants of the licensing market, i.e. all brand owners, managers of brand development, manufacturers and sellers of licensed products. Several hundreds of Russian companies that participate in the licensing market in different sectors of economy have become our constant readers. These include rights holders, licensing agents, manufacturers, distributors, retail networks and individual entrepreneurs. Currently, there is no another edition at the Russian market that so fully represents relevant and useful licensing-related information.

VESTNIK monitors main tendencies in the licensing market, thus offering its readers to be the first to receive the information on market innovations. It publishes up-to-date researches of consumer market that contain analyses of demand for, availability and popularity of licensed products in retail network.

VESTNIK publishes news and press releases of market participants in “News of the Companies” Section, thus providing subscribers with a possibility to receive information about emergence of new brands and licensed products in the market and about the licensors’ plans on franchises development.

VES©TNIK devotes much space to materials dedicated to analysis of a current status of the Russian licensing market. Best experts offer their opinions, analytical reviews and forecasts and share experience.

VESTNIK efficiently and comprehensively covers exhibitions and events related with licensing, promotion of brands and products. It publishes video records of events and visual statistical materials.

VESTNIK informs its readers about the world experience and best technologies in the sphere of licensing and products sales. Our subscribers have an opportunity to review the best pieces on licensing published in the leading world industrial journals.

VESTNIK of the Licensing Market offers unique possibilities to market participants:

  • Monitoring main market trends,
  • Obtaining up-to-date information on innovations,
  • Sharing experience,
  • Promotion of their goods and services,
  • Search and brining in business partners from among market participants,


We invite all specialists within the industry to communicate and share their experience on the pages of VE©TNIK of the Licensing Market.

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