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Dear advertisers!

Vestnik is the only b2b publication at the Russian market, dedicated to licensing brands. The project has been implemented successfully since 2010. The audience of the publication, formed during the existence of the portal, allows advertisers to cover the maximum number of clients, interested in licensing.

The license market reporter offers an excellent platform for the promotion of brands to licensers, license holders, distributors of products for children and license agencies. Placing advertisements on the site of the Vestnik, participants of the market will be able to find new clients, to get a direct contact with people, who make decisions and develop license strategies.

The advertisement on the portal will allow licensers to present new projects to all players of the Russian license business, to inform participants of the market about the marketing support of brands, the success in promotion and development of a brand, about its growing popularity. Placing the information on the site of Vestnik, franchisers give to participants of the market an opportunity to get reliable information about the appearance and development of franchising. The format of certain columns of our publication allows to licensers to establish a feedback with business participants, learning about the popularity of brands from the “editorial” of the license market.

License agents can use the site of Vestnik for advertising and promoting not only brands, but also developed licensed products, thus contributing to increased sales. Placing news about concluded license transactions on the site, agents inform participants of the market about new companies, which enter into license programs, and about the popularity of a particular brand. License agents can offer innovative methods of working with licensed brands, proven with the practice of foreign markets, to participants of the Russian license business within the frame of advertising projects on the pages of Vestnik.

We offer to place an advertisement of licensed products, appearing at the market, on the pages of Vestnik, to license holders – manufacturers and distributors of licensed products. Thousands of potential clients – retailers, interested in forming a competitive range of products, chosen in accordance with the information about innovative products and popular brands – will see your advertisement.

The target audience of the portal is more than 6.000 participants of the market, including foreign and domestic licensers, license agencies, manufacturers and distributors of licensed products and managers of retail stores. Taking into account the fact that the license market is increasing by 30% annually, our audience is growing constantly too.


Dear readers

Please note that English version of the portal is currently in a test mode. It contains only examples of publications and serves only for an acquaintance with our edition. The full version of Vestnik of licensing market is available only in Russian so far. We apologize for the inconveniences caused. The full English version is coming up soon.

Vestnik offers advertisers  production and placement at different locations of portal banner advertising.